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Finding Closure

I always wondered what it would be like to receive messages from the spirit world.  Without knowing anything about me first, Kay relayed words and quotes from relatives and my Mother, which helped me find closure after her passing.  Now I know there is more than life on earth.”


Kay is Amazing!

I booked a reading with Kay and I was absolutely blown away.  How could she know those things if my Father hadn’t actually been there in the room with us?  It was so healing for me.  Thank you, Kay!  Fusce aliquam luctus ipsum quis vehicula. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Cras aliquet hendrerit consectetur. Vestibulum quis dolor sit amet lectus adipiscing ullamcorper. Integer blandit ipsum ut mi ullamcorper sed ornare ante venenatis

– Linda

by Nancy Hayssen

Awesome Reading!

I recently enjoyed a reading with Kay Fahlstrom, that included messages from both my parents and paternal grandparents. Not only was it a moving, exhilerating and fun experience, but I also was amazed with the detail in Kay’s reading with regards to both information she brought through as well as the exact personalities of my family members! Kay brought through a message from my Father that no one could possibly know. Kay accurately described a valuable momento box (that he left me–a music box) even down to the size of it! She asked my Mother for evidential pieces of information, so I would really know it was Mom speaking through Kay. Kay brought through clear pieces of information from my Mom that convinced me it was really her: her description of a specific situation with my sister, and the kind of dresses she wore around the house. This was all information that there was no way for Kay to know. I highly recommend a reading from Kay! She brings through a wonderful combination of information from your own Spirit Guides, psychic pieces about your current life, as well as messages from your loved ones or friends that have crossed over. I am looking forward to my next reading with Kay!”