About Readings

The purpose of a reading is to give people close to you who have crossed over (or passed away, also known as a “spirit”) an opportunity to connect with you again.  Kay Fahlstrom is a medium who can bring messages through from spirit loved ones (and friends) for you. Or — if you prefer — she can focus more on a psychic reading about you and your life (including your questions).  You can learn more about Kay on the “About Kay” pages.  Please note:  All readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Clients must be age 21 or more to schedule a reading. 

Reading Length and Locations:

* Phone readings can be 30 minutes, or 50-60 minutes long (please indicate which you prefer on the “Book a Session” page form).  At this time, ALL the readings are done BY PHONE (no in-person at this time).  For fastest scheduling, call or text 415-420-4994 with good weekdays for you and time ranges.  You will get a text or call back with openings on specific dates. Thank you.


* (Sorry, not available at this time.)  In-person readings, when available, are 50-60 minutes long and are available in San Rafael, CA.  Please fill out the form on the “Book a Session”page, and you will hear back by phone.  For FASTER SCHEDULING, call 415-420-4994 with your date/time range availability and whether you’d like and IN PERSON, or PHONE (30 or 60?) reading.  Thank you.


1. Please use the “Book a Session” page form to request your reading. 

Thank you for including:

* 4-5 dates you could attend (Monday-Friday…or a few Saturday dates if that’s the only time you can attend), and

* whether you could do “Late Mornings”, or “Afternoons”.  If you can only do early evening, please list the earliest time you could start in Pacific time). Thank you.

2. You will receive a call or text with dates and times available for your reading.

3. Then, please pay for your reading (or other service) using the “Payments” page — under the “Readings & Services” main page (using the “drop down” menu options to pay for what you requested).  Thank you for paying promptly after your reading date and time is offered — to confirm this time.   If full payment for your reading is not received 72 hours before your reading…your reading date and time will be rescheduled. 

24-Hour Cancellation Policy    If you cancel your reading less than 24 hours before the reading date and start time, you will be charged in full for the reading  and refunds will not be supplied (since it’s unlikely that exact time can be rescheduled for another client).   You can feel free to request a new reading date and time, subject to availability, and payment for that reading will be required. If you have a scheduled appointment, and you give Kay MORE THAN 24 hours notice by voicemail or text message, you can use your paid fee for a future reading date.  Any “no-shows” at the time of the reading, or less than 24 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling results in the loss of the paid fee (sorry, no exceptions for any reason).  Self-employed people have this policy, as the client has reserved that exact date/time, and the Medium cannot schedule another person in less than 24 hours notice, so they must have this policy due to reserving the date/time (sometimes for several weeks in advance). Thank you for understanding. 

Readings include information Kay receives from spirit loved ones (and perhaps, some friends in Spirit) for the client. Kay meditates on the client in order to connect and receive information from the spirits using clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience (or extra-sensory knowing, seeing, and hearing).  Kay shares what she receives during the readings with you. Most mediums say they do not control which spirits come through, the spirits do (so clients seem to have a better experience if they are open to this process).  Please note:  it’s ideal to not tell Kay any information about those in spirit, or about your personal situations before a reading (also, please do not leave this information when calling. It’s better if Kay does not know anything about you before the reading).

Most mediums say they cannot control who comes through from spirit (it’s the spirits that do).  Clients seem to have a better experience if they are open-minded, or have no expectations about who comes through or what is said (this may be easier said than done, of course).  Sometimes a spirit may come through who you did not directly know in your lifetime (such as a grandparent who crossed over before you were born).  Clients have written me after a reading to let me know they feel a new sense of connection after readings, whether or not they knew the spirit before the reading.

The readings are confidential.

Readings can sometimes continue to unfold afterward.  Some clients check with relatives, or others, on information they received (that was not familiar) so the reading may (and often does) have more resonance over time.  Also, some clients do not connect with the information coming through instantaneously during the reading, but will often put things together after some time passes.  For example, one client joked that she knew her Mother as “Mom” and not by her first name which was what was coming through in the reading.  Similarly, a group reading event client shook her head back and forth (as if to say “no”) as I said her maternal Grandmother’s name, but then ran up to me just after the readings to exclaim, “My Grandmother’s name was exactly what you said, Kay!” (as the client just thought of her as “Grandma”).

Some clients report back to Kay that all – or a specific portion — of their reading brings them ongoing encouragement and comfort, as they reflect on what a relative or Spirit friend said to them.  Of course, this is very individual (and cannot be guaranteed), as different information comes through in each reading from unique Spirits…and for, unique clients.

Feel free to book a reading (or other service) on the “Book a Session” page (under the main page “Readings & Services”).

Please note:   By scheduling and paying for your reading you have read, understand, and agree that the messages you receive during the reading are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from:  a licensed medical, psychological, legal, financial, or other applicable, professional. The psychic medium, Kay Fahlstrom, provides no guarantee, or implied warranties, and is not responsible for any interpretations, decisions made, or actions taken, by a client, or clients (whether the reading is for the person paying, or is for another client the paying person buys the reading for as a gift).

Please note:  All readings are for entertainment purposes only. Clients must be age 21 or older.