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How are readings done?

Typically, readings are done one-on-one to allow both Kay and the client to focus. Readings may be done either in person or by phone (with the same results). If you are having an in-person reading*, it helps to bring an object you use nearly daily (your watch, a bracelet, your car keys).  While not required, the object does assist with the strength of the information received.

* Some people ask if they can bring a friend with them to their reading.  That is fine (and just know that some of the Spirits coming through may be for your friend, as the Spirits – not the Medium – determines who comes through).  To ensure the Spirits are coming through for you, it may be helpful to attend on your own.

How do you get your information from spirits and spirit guides?

I need to meditate prior to a reading to raise the energy (or my vibration) to receive (or hear) the messages from spirit, as our normal level of existence is more dense (or heavy) than the spirit world which is at a much higher frequency or vibration. It may help if you think of the metaphor of a dog whistle (as the dog whistle is so high in frequency that most humans cannot hear it, though dogs can).  Similarly, as a medium, I need to raise my vibration in order connect with a spirit to hear, see, or receive messages in other ways from them.

The meditation raises my vibration and I connect to a client prior to the reading then start to receive messages from spirits, usually one by one.  I bring through more information from the spirits while we are meeting.  A reading may include messages from one or more Spirits.  I give the information to my client as the spirit gave it to me, and it often makes more sense as you make associations to what is coming through (sometimes this happens after the reading).

I use clairsentience primarily, as well as clairaudience, and clairvoyance.  These terms refer to simply “knowing” the information, as well as hearing and seeing the information coming through.  Sometimes a spirit will even make me smell something to get a message through to a client (for example, perfume, cigarette smoke or other odor…and my favorite smell to date from a spirit — that had recently passed — was blueberry muffins).

What are the benefits of a reading?

Mediumship readings can provide comfort, peace, healing, closure, and sometimes even joy and laughter (depending on what the spirits are bringing through).  What’s more, a client’s questions may be answered, and fears dissolved.  Kay brings compassion and gentleness to her clients and is happy to help first-time clients through the reading process.

Who attends Kay's readings?

Clients are age 21 and up, and Kay meets with both women and men.  Kay has met with people from all walks of life:  hairdressers, business people, artists, government employees (including high-ranking officials), students, people not currently working, therapeutic masseuses, authors, chief financial officers, photographers, lawyers, acupuncturists, retired people, and more.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

All mediums use psychic skills and abilities (such as clairvoyance–or clear seeing, clairaudience, clairsentience, and more), but not all psychics are mediums.  A good psychic can read your energy field, or aura, in the moment to tell you about your current or future life issues (relationships, jobs, etc.).

A medium receives messages for the client from those who have passed away, or crossed over. It’s common for mediums to describe themselves as psychic mediums since they have both sets of skills. In Kay’s readings, the spirits who have passed away are mostly relatives, however sometimes others come through, such as a friend or prior partner who has passed away. Even more rarely, a friend or acquaintance (for example, from grade or middle school) you didn’t even know passed away can come through to you during your reading.  It’s seems unusual to contemplate, but if you (hypothetically) were already in spirit and you knew a friend or acquaintance was having a reading with a medium, you might want to come through during that reading, no matter what your association to them was!  This hypothetical example may help you see why those beyond your close circle might come through in your reading (yet this is rare).  Again, Kay’s readings mostly include relatives or close loved ones who are in spirit.