Things That go Bump in the Night

I was minding my own business, peacefully sleeping early (and I mean, early) this morning when I feel like I was made to wake up.  It’s easier for me to ‘hear’ from my Guides in the very early morning when I first wake up as my left brain – and ‘daytime’ consciousness — hasn’t totally kicked in yet.  So, I’m now awake around 2:00 a.m. and the first thing I hear, clairaudiently, is “Get up and check your e-mail.”  My response, was, “Yeah, right!” as if to say really, “No way…I’m going back to sleep!”

Again I hear (not out loud in the room, but in my head), “Get up and check your e-mail.”  OK, I have to say, this kind of message doesn’t really come to me.  So, like we all sometimes do…I ignored this potentially helpful message.  I was tired.  I just really wanted to go back to sleep.  Especially since this week was a little more tiring than usual as I was taking care of my partner after a surgery that had taken place just two days ago.  Well, the message wouldn’t stop, so I finally tried to drag myself out of bed to see what the heck I was supposed to be reading in the middle of the night.  What could be that important, I wondered.

I logged in and looked at both email accounts.  Nothing stood out to me right away as a good reason to wake me up and get me out of a warm, cozy bed.  I looked again, and saw an e-mail that noted a psychic medium friend of mine had posted something on facebook about a new Lisa Williams class she’d just heard about when Lisa announced it on her Internet show that day.  Hmm…we’re getting warmer now.  With this being the most likely reason I was now awake in the middle of the night…I went to Lisa Williams’ Web site and looked up this newly offered course.  The description noted it was an Advanced Mediumship Training, and I’d taken Lisa’s Mediumship Intensive Training in Dallas, Texas in November 2010.  I wondered how the trainings would be different in content, then my eyes – a little bleary at 2:00am – wandered over then immediately knew why my Guides woke me up to see this!  It said something like, for those who take and pass the course (which was not guaranteed from just attending), one could potentially be put on a mediumship referral list of Lisa Williams for her vast following of people from around the world.

IMMEDIATELY, I knew that was why I was just alerted with, “Get up!  Check your e-mail!”  I’d had also taken an initial Mediumship Training with Lisa Williams in Santa Monica in October 2009, then the Dallas 2010 course I note above, but I’d never seen a Medium the caliber of world-renown Lisa Williams offer a referral list of mediums before!

I was tired and disoriented due to the hour I was awake and reading this…but I knew I had to apply for this course – right then, and there!  I knew that hundreds of people apply for Lisa’s courses, then she hand selects the appropriate Mediums to attend.  I had to apply early.  So, I sat at the laptop, in the cool night air while the house was dark, and typed and typed up my answers to Lisa’s thorough application questions.  It took nearly an hour to type in all the detailed answers.  The questions were designed so Lisa Williams could get a sense of where an applicant was in their Mediumship experience and training.  It was after 3:00am when I finally typed the e-mail to her office and attached my application.  I sincerely hoped it made sense and didn’t have any typographical errors…given the hour at which I wrote it.

I shuffled back to bed with a little smile, marveling at how my Guides know JUST when to wake me up…and when not to.  This had never happened before (a ‘wake up’ call from Spirit Guides).  I felt satisfied that I had – at least – thrown my proverbial hat into the ring for this Advanced course.  At that moment, I let go…knowing that Lisa would either decide I was appropriate for her Advanced Mediumship course (and tests…it sounded like), or not.  Sleep came easily after that.  The next morning, I remember telling my partner about this bizarre experience of being woken up, but now – at least — I knew why.  I then promptly forgot about my application and went about preparing for the December holidays. I hoped to make it into the course, but know that hundreds of people apply…so I just had to shrug it off and let go now.  I was thankful that December is such a busy month so it tends to fly for me.  I had many silent nights after that…hoping for a Happy New Year.