Things are Not Always as They Seem

Things are Not Always as They Seem

After working this morning, I needed to pop by my P.O. Box and pick up a check a client had sent there for a reading.  As I sat in the post office parking lot, endorsing other checks, a huge S.U.V. pulled up next to me and I could see the woman in it was elderly and looked frail.  She parked in the handicap parking spot, and I eye-balled where I’d parked to see if I needed to quickly start the car and move over more so she could get out of her car more easily.

Though I was working on a few little administrative tasks in my car before I zipped into the Post Office, I – for some reason – needed to look over as she exited her big vehicle.  She moved very slowly, and concentrated as she stepped out and walked slowly into the Post Office.

Finally, I finished what I was doing and got out of the car to walk in and get my mail.  As I walked by her, I was floored as music started to blare all around her, as I walked by.  I heard a familiar song, pouring into that little hallway, echoing off the walls — like lasers lights bouncing around:

“Never gonna get it, never gonna get it!  Never gonna get it, never gonna get it. Never gonna get, never gonna get it — woo woo WOO WOO!”  I heard EnVogue belting out the music – not sure where it was coming from (her iPhone?).  Could it be this frail, elderly woman’s ring tone for someone?  I didn’t know, but had to stifle CRACKING UP very loudly in the little Post Office as we were the only two people in the cramped 20 foot long space.  The idea (or image) I had of this woman when first seeing her pull up and gently getting out of her S.U.V. suddenly changed in that lightening-like second.  I was shocked at my pre-conceptions, and was also reminded NEVER to project onto others.

It was a wonderful reminder to have a very open mind when it comes to other people.  Whether they be relatives, friends — or even complete strangers — it may be a great idea to have a very open mind as to who they really are.  Things are not always as they seem.

Enjoy your surprises out there!

P.S. The theme of the day continued as I took a break after working…hitting golf balls at the local driving range.  As I tried to concentrate and implement the 27 new things I’d been learning about an effective golf swing, I heard emerging from the Club House a very unexpected sound as people sang:

“Zozz were… ZA days, my friend!  We thought they’d never end!  We’d sing and DANCE…forEVER and a day!”  The singing continued, with enthusiastic clapping from an unseen audience.  I’d never heard this kind of music being played (live, no less) while hitting golf balls.  It was another great reminder on the theme of the day.