The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I think that title above is a Tom Petty lyric.  It fits exactly how I’m feeling!  I am so happy to have attended the Lisa Williams in-person part of the Advanced Mediumship Course.  Now, I have to wait to see if I passed the course, and/or if I will be asked to be on Lisa’s “Preferred Readers List”.  I have no idea how long I will need to wait.  It’s been nine days already since I’ve been back from Los Angeles.  This may not seem like a big deal but it really is to those of us who attended this course.  For me personally, I know it will create a kind of “Y” shaped fork in the road where my current path would lead me down a certain road in terms of my career and development, and the “Lisa Williams Preferred Reader” part of the road will likely go in a completely different direction!  Of course, I am so hoping for the Lisa Williams turn in my road.  What an amazing opportunity that would be…so the waiting is a little nerve wracking.

My phone is getting worn down with me checking it every half hour or so to see if I have a new e-mail from Lisa Williams’ office.  I keep checking facebook on the new group of the Mediums that attended this course together have any updates or news.  Lisa Williams let us know at the weekend part of the course, that she was setting up a one-on-one phone call with us to give us feedback from the weekend.  What?!  I was going to get a personal phone call with the amazing Medium Lisa Williams?  That still hasn’t sunk in yet.  My call was scheduled the week after the calls had begun for some of the course attendees, so I knew I’d have to live through another Friday, Saturday and Sunday of not knowing.  I almost never do this kind of thing, but I just e-mailed Lisa Williams’ office to (sort of) beg for any earlier appointment or cancellation to see if I could slip in there any earlier.  This is not like me to even ask, but this waiting was really hard on me.  Again, the vast difference between my current Road 1 was going to be much different in so many ways than the preferred Road 2 reading for clients that followed Lisa.  I was SO ELATED to get confirmation that I could meet with Lisa the Friday prior…whew…one less weekend of waiting.  I was thrilled!  That was so much better, and I’m glad I had the gumption to ask.

If you’re a person who doesn’t usually ask, I share this to say – sometimes you get what you hope for when you ask.  I recall a wise teacher I had in graduate school say, “When you ask for what you want, you have to be prepared to hear yes, or no, or maybe.  If you are prepared to hear any of those answers…go ahead and ask.”  That was helpful advice in this case.  I was so relieved to get a “Yes” on this day!  My call with Lisa was coming up!