Rock & Roll Savvy Spirit Guides

Hi, We all have (at least) a Master Spirit Guide.  Check out how they came through in a reading for a woman I just ran into again.  I popped into a salon to say hello to a wonderful client of mine who’s come for both in-person readings and one of my other services (Hypnotherapy, E.M.D.R. offered for trauma relief, grief counseling, & more).   Then, her co-worker there said, “Hi Kay, we’ve never met in person but you did a fun phone reading for me.”  She reminded me of the rock & roll reference, and we both laughed in enjoyment of the surprise our Spirit Guide can be kinda hip.

You see, when she was having her reading, her Spirit Guide was making points about her life using first a metaphor of the Rolling Stones’ song, Gimme Shelter.  Then, her Guide showed me the Rolling Stones logo on a t-shirt (the tongue graphic).  This client said incredulously, “I’m wearing that Rolling Stones t-shirt right now!”  We had a good laugh, that even in a phone reading, her Spirit Guide was conveying they understood what was going on in her life emotionally — using the metaphor of Stones’ song title.  They also proved Spirit Guides are REAL clairvoyantly (making me SEE the Stones’ logo shirt in my minds’ eye).  What’s more, her Spirit Guide was showing her, I’m with you all the time and can see you love the Stones.

See what metaphors your Spirit Guide may use in your 30 or 60 minute phone reading (or 1 hour in-person reading in the South Bay or San Rafael CA).  Learn more about Spirit Guides and how to work with them to make life easier, and manifest more easily by ordering my book “REBORN A MEDIUM” through my site, or on .   Rock on, friends.  xx, K