Practice, Practice, Practice? Hail, yes!

Am I good enough?  Who out there reading this has ever felt that?  Well, I was feeling this – big time!  Due to the upcoming Lisa Williams Advanced Mediumship course, I wondered if I was good enough to “pass” or make it on to her Referral List for mediumship clients from her following around the world.  I’d better do EVERYTHING I can think of to practice doing all kinds of readings before this big event!  I just volunteered to give group messages at the San Francisco, California Spiritualist Church (not just once, but five times between now and the day I board the airplane for Lisa’s course in late April).  I also just brainstormed how I could increase my clients coming to me for either 30 or 60 minute readings so I can best hone my Mediumship skills before the in-person part of the course starts.

I am not a 100 percent clear on how we wwill be tested by Lisa Williams (Could we meditate on a client before hand, like I do?  Could we have a paper and pen with us during tests at the course, like I usually do?).  I was not sure my chops were up to snuff on the ‘cold, spontaneous, get-up-and-read-a-client-on-the-spot’ type of readings!  Yikes.  I better get practicing readings with little or no extensive preparation (like I usually did to give my client the best experience I could possibly deliver).  No paper?  No notes?  No prep?  Oh my!

Since I simply didn’t know how we were going to be tested, I even went as far as knowing I would feel much better on April 26th getting on that plane knowing I had “pulled out all the stops” on my practice regimen.  So, just for six weeks prior to leaving for the Lisa Williams course weekend, I offered to raffle off three free readings per week if people expressed interest through my Web site, .  I had more than enough takers so I could randomly chose three winners for each week, quite easily.

One week was really crazy busy, as – without my knowing – talented psychic medium Lisa Atkinson kindly reposted my facebook offering on the reading raffle.  My Web site traffic and entries quadrupled that week!  Thank you, Lisa Atkinson!  I’d met her at the Dallas 2010 Mediumship Intensive course with Lisa Williams and we had a very fun and collegial relationship.  I’d admired Lisa Atkinson’s readings after she brought my Mother (in Spirit) through with evidential information.  Lisa Atkinson and I also had a lot of fun together.  She would just run up and just tickle me…and I hardly even knew her!  I would start squealing with laughter right then, and there!  And, trust me…that was NOT like me.  So, from minute one…we just got along great, and still do.  I was so thrilled Lisa Atkinson helped me out to prepare for the Lisa Williams weekend by sending me so many of the people that knew her.  Hail Lisas (both of them)!  Hail, yes!