Practical Psychic Readings: Getting Employed

From Zoe: “I booked a reading with Kay to get direction. After Kay’s reading with me, my life just went from 0-60 m.p.h. so quickly! “Kay, THANK YOU! I was very stuck about my unemployment and you just pulled me right out of it. I am truly grateful. Early in our psychic reading, you just kept saying my Spirit Guides were saying to me ‘Get going!’ on my job search, and boy – did I hear you and act upon it (to my benefit)! Before the reading, I felt frozen…not knowing where to start. Kay explained what my Spirit Guides showed her, as Kay said: ‘Your guides want you to start reaching out, they are also showing me a whole spread of wine, cheese, fruits, fancy desserts’. Kay felt it was a catering spread for some wonderful social function. At the time…that didn’t make sense yet, but the message of ‘GET GOING’ did. I immediately reached out and started telling everyone I needed a job. A few days later, a woman called with an interview.
Fast forward, I got the job, and it is – without a doubt – a PERFECT job for me! I now work for this woman owner of one of the top catering companies in the S.F. Bay Area. Kay’s reading focused and led me into an incredible opportunity. Without Kay’s reading, I would have passed up a very lucrative position. I am incredibly grateful for Kay’s amazing gift. Do yourself a favor, book a reading with her.” – Zoe M., Mill Valley CA (All readings are different, so being open to your Spirit Guides’ messages is ideal for you. Call today with good days for your reading at 415-420-4994.)