A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

The more I give Mediumship readings, the more I marvel at how your Spirit loved ones and friends try to get the information through to you.  I used to wonder why Spirits, or people who have crossed over (or passed away), use symbols or pictures to get messages through to Mediums (and their loved ones).  I’ve come to realize, it’s like the old phrase we have all heard, “A picture paints a thousand words.” 

Mediums often don’t know why they are saying what they are saying when they get these images.  I heard a particularly funny female Medium, while at Lily Dale NY, saying “I don’t need to know what I’m saying…I’m a Medium!”

It’s true.  Often, we need the input from the person receiving the reading (or the “readee” as I sometimes call them).  For example, I saw a world-renowned Medium working in front of an audience of more than 300 people.  The Medium said they were receiving an image from a Father (the Medium had already established a connection with one particular woman in the audience to receive this message) in Spirit that looked like a ‘wall of yellow’.  The Medium conveyed this to the readee, and they tried to work out what the Father was trying to convey.  The Medium wondered if there was a wall painted yellow (trying to make sense of the message), and the readee said no.  Then, the readee put it together and understood the message from her Father — saying there was a ‘wall’ of yellow rose bushes planted along the outside of one side of the house in the Father’s honor, after he crossed over.  That was it!   The Father was trying to acknowledge (and appreciate) the ‘wall’ of yellow roses planted along the house for his memory.  What a sweet message.  Mediums often need your help in making sense of the messages coming through in this way.

In a reading I gave just a few days ago (that I have permission from the readee to refer to), I had a similar experience (of the Medium not understanding exactly what is coming through and the readee filling in the details to make meaning of the message).  What I have learned is important is to say exactly what you are getting, and not trying to make sense of it (or, worse yet, interpret it).  In this reading, the Mother who was coming through me for her adult child said repeatedly to me, “The house is still there.” And when I asked more from the Mother about what this meant, I just heard “The house is still standing.”  I didn’t understand this, but knew I needed to just repeat it for the readee.

When I did repeat it, the readee explained they had to go through some struggle to keep the house, and (without sharing the details of this personal matter here) the struggle had lasted a few long years.  It was then that the readee, my client, realized Mom was trying to say that she realized what my client had gone through for their Home to still be in the family (after this arduous legal battle).  Indeed, the house was still there…in their family.  The Mother was being appreciative also, and it was all included in this one phrase she could get through to the Medium, me.  This is also true of the story above, the Father seemed appreciative of the wall of yellow roses planted in his honor, and he wanted to let the readee know this, via the Medium in one short phrase (‘wall of yellow’).  Indeed.  A picture paints a thousand words!

I believe a part of the reason that those who have crossed over choose images or these kinds of phrases to convey a message is that so much can be included in those images or phrases.  A picture can paint many words, so it makes sense that Spirits would choose images to convey several ideas or thoughts at once.  While I do not want to know anything, ideally, about my clients before the reading so everything that comes through isn’t tainted with any knowledge of them or their history once the reading begins, there is this collaboration between the client and the Medium.  I say what I am getting, and the client often puts together what the messages mean to them.  It’s a bit like detective work, and can be fun.

Another reason this kind of ‘Spirit Shorthand’ is used may be because a Medium has to raise their energy or vibration, if you will, in order to connect with the higher vibration of the Spirit. (Since they no longer have bodies, and are Consciousness alone, their vibration is SO much higher than ours on earth with the density of bodies, houses, cars and more…think of the difference, to use a metaphor, between a rock and a hummingbird).  Since this connection is difficult to make, the Spirit needs to convey what they can quickly.  It’s almost like charades — with a time limit!  With this in mind, a reading can be a fun discovery (during and after a reading) so the messages from Spirit can unfold as they make sense to the readee.

A final example of this – from a prior reading I gave — was my hearing a charades “sounds like” word.  I heard from the Spirit for my client a word that sounded like “Caledonia” or “Heleconia”. When neither of us knew what this might refer to, I suggested the client might look on the Internet to learn more. Very shortly after that, she shot me a quick e-mail – that same night — saying that she looked up Heleconia on the Internet and was amazed to see that those were the exact flowers she was looking at right before the reading!  Even more amazing, I wrote down the time I heard those words, and it was the SAME TIME the client was looking at those helconia flowers!  So, her relative in Spirit was just letting her know that she could see what the client was doing that day, as a way to say they can look in on our lives.  The client was comforted by this, and amazed, to have a reference to a flower she didn’t even know the name of at the time of the reading (nor, did I, I have to admit).

Enjoy your Spirit Sleuthing!