People Can be Like Tuning Forks

It’s been just four days since the first online class started the Lisa Williams Advanced Mediumship course I’m lucky enough to be accepted in to.  I am going to try to describe how I feel this week.  Normally, I’m a pretty grounded, practical, no-nonsense kind of person (at least, I like to think so).  Well, this week I feel like I’ve been put in a blender and whirled at a high speed.

My energy was kick started, I am starting to see, from the first class we had with Lisa Williams just a few days ago.  I cannot believe how much energetic change there has been in my mind, body, and Spirit (or soul)…just in a few days!  I’m trying to make sense of this.  How can this much change occur so quickly.  I’ve never felt like this before.

The only thing I can grasp onto that makes any sense about how I am feeling follows.  You know how you take one tuning fork that is not vibrating and then make the second tuning fork vibrate by hitting it on something…then you place the vibrating tuning fork next to the still tuning fork?  What happens?  The still and unmoving tuning fork starts to vibrate – at a similar rate to the vibrating one — just because they are placed close to each other.

Do you have any idea how fast the Lisa Williams tuning fork is vibrating?!? 

I just found out this week.  I feel like I was a putt-putt kind of car and have just been made into (almost overnight) a Ferrari on the Autobahn where you can drive as fast as you want!  The only thing is – I didn’t know this change was coming.  I was just blithely starting this course and the following four days felt like my energetic system was trying to get closer to the amazing vibrational level Lisa Williams’ system must vibrate at to be such a successful Platform medium, speaker, author, radio host, and television medium and clairvoyant!  Wow.  I did not see this coming, but could feel it in my body.  I’m certainly not saying I am coming up to her skill level or expertise.  No.  I’m just saying that – I can only make sense of the wild new change in my energy system – with the tuning fork analogy I note above.  How can I be feeling this way?  What’s different?  I wasn’t even in the ROOM with Lisa Williams for our first course last Monday!  She was on her computer in a different part of the country while I was in my living room, hundreds of miles away!  Wow.  If I’m this affected energetically, like a still tuning fork trying to come closer to her vibration….then what in the heck was the in-person weekend with Lisa Williams going to be like?!?

This course is going to be a doozy!