My Phone Call with Lisa Williams (A Friday I will Never Forget)

My Phone Call with Lisa Williams (A Friday I will Never Forget)

I’d been counting down the days all week.  I was so excited it was finally Friday, May 11!  This is the day I was to have my one-on-one phone call with THE Lisa Williams to learn my “fate”!  That sounds dramatic, and I don’t mean for it to, but it really was true in my case.  The news I’d learn today would really alter my current road and take me on a whole new path in my career and personal journey!  Back to the thought of Lisa Williams actually dialing my cell phone number, and then my hearing her voice on the other end of the line…frankly, it was a concept I could just not wrap my head around.

I was ridiculous once again (just like I had been on March 19 awaiting the first online class to start for the Lisa Williams Advanced Mediumship course).  I think I planted myself on the couch to get ready for Lisa’s personal call to me at about 11:00am Pacific time.  My call with her wasn’t until 12:30…90 minutes later!  I had to laugh at myself.  I charged up my cell phone to the hilt.  I unplugged the other phone so it would not ring.  Heck!  I should have even put a note on the door “Please don’t knock between 12:30 and 1:00pm.” just in case a UPS driver had a package for me.  Iwas acting like I was getting a phone call from the Queen of England!  Oh, in a way, I was J.  Lisa is the Queen of Mediumship (in my mind)…and is from England.

At 12:30, my cell phone rang.  My heart was already pounding and it started to pound even harder.  I tapped the “Answer” green button on my phone and held the phone to my ear to hear the most delightful British accent as Lisa greeted me warmly, “Hello!”  Oh my gosh!  Here we go…

I recall asking Lisa how her morning was, and words tumbled out of my mouth.  I felt like a nervous school girl as I heard myself wish her a Happy Mother’s Day (a little early) and a jumble of thanks poured out of me about how much she’d gone above and beyond what I expected out of this course.  I thanked Lisa for all the ‘extra mile’ things she did for all of us who’d taken this Advanced Mediumship Course, and her reply was something like (paraphrased), ‘Well, I always think to myself…what would I want in a course, then I try to do that.’  Lisa had really gone above and beyond in this course with additional things we did not expect to receive, like this personal phone call with her!  I was eager to hear what Lisa Williams had to say to me on how I did over the weekend part of the course, so I knew I had to zip it to hear that now J!

Lisa started by saying she wanted to give me feedback on how I did, personally, on each and every part of the weekend and each of the ‘tests’ that we had undergone as Mediums.  We were tested on our weekly homework (that took roughly 10-15 hours to complete each week), and we were tested by giving a peer at the weekend a Mediumship reading (then were graded by that peer with either an A, B, C, D, or F…just like in school).  We were tested by the general public, as each student had to do two readings for the Los Angeles general public.  We were watched and evaluated on how our energy was, how we carried ourselves, and spoke with others (I’m surmising these criteria actually, but Lisa was walking around watching us and was writing in a packet of paper with our name on it, and she was clear she was taking down notes on each one of us all throughout the weekend, Friday to Sunday).  We were also tested in the Platform Mediumship Readings we gave in front of the 43 other attendees in the audience, which was a very nervous making part of the weekend!  So, Lisa Williams herself started to give me verbal feedback on each and every point I list here.

I listened intently, and scribbled down as much of what she was saying as I could write…while not wanting to miss the next part she was saying.  I could hear most of it and keep up, but what she said about my Platform Message Reading in front of the group stopped me in my tracks.  Why?  Because this is one of Lisa Williams’ specialties.  Lisa has tremendous expertise and skill in giving healing and accurate (we call them, evidential) messages from those in Spirit for their loved ones in front of very large audiences.  Lisa is often listed in the “Top 10” lists for psychic mediums in the world.  So, when Lisa gave me positive feedback on my Platform Reading message that I gave Saturday, April 28th…well, I nearly fell off my couch and went face down into the carpeting!  This meant so much to me as she really knows what she is talking about!  I was so humbled to hear this feedback…and I still cannot believe it.  It feels surreal, for sure.

Lisa went on to give me detailed feedback from the two general public readings I gave (that were each 45 minutes long) on that Sunday, April 29th.  Those clients of ours filled out detailed evaluations forms on our readings for them, and Lisa was very thorough sharing this important feedback, as she read the whole form to us from all the written comments.  This was very helpful to hear exactly what they wrote, so I could take in what went well, and I’m always wanting to improve wherever I can, as well.  I was so pleased and relieved to hear what those clients wrote.  I was grateful to Lisa for being so thorough…she is really an amazing teacher – quite excellent!

I knew what was coming next.  I’d learned from my new course buddies that Lisa told you whether she wanted you on the Preferred Readers List at the end of the call.   We were through the detailed feedback and her notes on what she’d written about me, too.  I held my breath.  Lisa started to tell me I’d passed the course and she asked if I would like to be on the Preferred Readers List.

I screamed so loudly that poor Lisa probably had trouble hearing for the rest of the day!  I didn’t expect to scream at the top of my lungs.  I’m not a screamer…not at all.  I screamed bloody murder right into Lisa’s ear.  Then I apologized and said I hoped I didn’t hurt her ear.  Then, I said excitedly, “YES! I would like to be on your list more than anything in the world!”  Ahhh!  I could not believe this was happening.  I’d been nervous since about….February!  Now, all the tension and holding for weeks and months started to flood out of me like a river that’s dam just broke loose.

I then tried to listen – in my newly altered state of shock — as Lisa tried to tell me some of the next steps that she was planning for creating a brand new website for her hand-picked, tested, and certified mediums.  She was working on getting the domain name and would be in touch when it was ready.  I thanked her profusely (again) and think I wished her a Happy Mother’s Day (again).  She was just lovely, and we ended the call. I think I sat in a daze on the couch for a few moments, then quickly jumped up to do a happy dance and started to notify the group of friends and family that kindly wanted to know the results the second I got off the phone with Lisa.  Over the next several hours, I went through a gamut of emotions and phases (elation, tears, you name it).  It was quite an afternoon!  People were so sweet to me on the phone, sharing they believed in me and were pulling for me.  One friend even said, “If I were betting on horses, I’d bet on you!” which made me laugh.  I was very lucky to have people that were so supportive in my life.  I’ve had close relationships with people that didn’t believe in my Mediumship and unique experiences in the past, so I knew how very lucky I was now to have these supportive people in my life!  I felt so blessed.  My road just changed that day, and I am so very grateful for this new detour!