Lisa Williams ADVANCED MEDIUMSHIP Online Course Begins

I have been looking forward to today for a really long time (since January, actually).  The Lisa Williams online portion of the Advanced Mediumship Course started today!  Woo hoo!  I was thrilled, excited, and exhilarated.  Think about a child waiting for Christmas morning…then multiply that times one thousand…and you get the idea of how I was feeling prior to 3:00pm Pacific time today.  I was nearly jumping out of my skin.  I wondered:  What is she going to teach us?  Do I measure up to the other 43 people in this course?  I thought:  I cannot believe I’m going to be on a small conference call with Lisa Williams!  My thoughts along these lines kept coming.

I was a bit ridiculous getting ready.  I think I must have turned on my computer at 2:00pm to log in…making sure I’d be there right on time at 3:00pm when the course started.  I didn’t want to miss one minute.  I’d been studying psychic abilities and Mediumship for years and years, and had never been in a course like this before!  Four online courses (with homework), followed by a three day weekend course with Lisa Williams, in person, near Los Angeles, California.

The course started today, and I listened with rapt attention.  My mind was boggled by how much homework we had already – just for Week 1!  I loved the online course today.  It included some information I was already familiar with and some information that was new to me.  I was very impressed with the level of detail and preparation.  When I initially signed up, I wondered how much of the information would kind of overlap with the Mediumship Intensive course I’d taken with Lisa in November 2010 in Dallas.  I could see in this very first class today, that I was going to be treated to TONS of new information.  I was so excited…and daunted by the amount of homework I had to get started on…right now, if I was ever going to complete it by the due date.  Homework?  At my age?  Yes, homework…and lots of it.  This was really going to kick start my skill, knowledge and abilities…I was very excited!