Left Brain vs. Right Brain

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

I enjoyed listening to a meditation CD today by John C. White, whom I met in Lily Dale NY when I was giving messages there as a visiting Medium.  He helped a gathering of about 40 of us understand something that naturally occurs as Mediums (during a workshop he offered).  I’ll give you an example of what he was teaching us, from my readings there at Lily Dale (the last time I was there).

At the historical ‘Inspiration Stump’, where Mediums have been giving messages from those in Spirit to attendees at Lily Dale NY since 1898, I was meditating in front of the very large audience of about 300 people.  The audience at “The Stump” reading service was very large, due to the ghost hunter television show gentlemen giving a workshop that same weekend.  I was introduced to the large audience, then stood to give messages.  I began by raising my voice slightly, as I knew I had to project my voice back to the last row of people standing behind the 300 sitting in benches under the lush green canopy of trees.  I spoke to a woman way in the last row on my left, identifying her by what she was wearing and the color of her hair, so she knew I was speaking with her.  Once we established contact, I said I had her Father in Spirit that wanted to come through and speak with her.  Among many other messages, I told her I was hearing the name “Pat, or Patricia” from him.  Then, she quickly said, “That’s me!”

A part of me quickly thought, “This can’t be happening!  I am really hearing someone who’s passed away!”…kind of in disbelief — ironically — since I have been doing this for some time.  Then, another part of me thought immediately, “Keep talking!  You are in front of 300 people!”  I have to laugh now, as I think of that split second from when the readee said “That’s me!” and me giving the next message 1-2 seconds later.

What I learned from John C. White a few days later made sense of what I thought right after the readee said “That’s me!”  It is common for our right brain to be connecting and “doing” the Mediumship, if you will.  Then, when we actually realize what we are doing, as in the example above, and our left brain can jump in and make us feel like “This can’t be happening!” or “Oh my goodness, I am really talking with dead people!”  I hate to be so blunt, but that’s what I actually thought right after the woman said “That’s me!”

I am grateful to Mr. White for explaining to all of us in his workshop that it is normal to have the back and forth between the different sides of our brain (which are each better at different functions, and equally valued in my book).  If you are developing your intuition or Mediumship skills, just know this is a common occurrence to have your left brain try to make sense of what is happening, disbelieve it, discount it, or even “undo” what happened via logic.  Your left brain will continually think, this can’t possible be happening…time and time again.  As I’ve learned over the years, through evidential pieces of information shared, then confirmed in readings…it IS really happening.  Mr. White said a key was to develop belief over time in what comes through via intuition or Mediumship, because our fabulous left brain will keep chiming in with other thoughts.