Hear Free Interviews with 20+ Top Psychic Mediums

Kay Fahlstrom was featured on the World Visionary Summit, where 20+ of the world’s most respected psychic mediums (Michelle Whitedove, Hans Christian King, Rose Vanden Eynden & more) shared their stories via interviews including how they connect with the Other Side, and much more.  Kay Fahlstrom’s interview aired first on November 14 at 9 am EST and for the 24 hours that followed for free.  Please click this link to access the free interviews and bonus gifts from each Medium interviewed:

Kay’s aim to is be of Service to people that are hoping to contact their loved ones (or friends) in Spirit who have passed/crossed over.  So, she was delighted to be contacted ‘out-of-the-blue’ to be interviewed as a near-death experience Medium for the World Visionary Summit.  This Summit includes interviews, and free bonus gifts, from 20+ of the foremost Psychic Mediums worldwide.  The Summit aired for free for a week, and now all interviews are available for purchase through the Summit organizers.

This year, I’ve been so honored to participate on radio programs with great hosts Cindy Plume, and Lane Robinson (both with their own shows on BlogTalkRadio); and also Leanne Thomas.

Kay shares this with you:  During and after my near-death experience, I know I was able to come back with the intention of helping people with my ability to connect them with loved ones who have departed (or crossed over).  In my heart-of-hearts, I knew that this Summit would touch so many people…and I was honored to be able to just offer to be of Service to more people who may want to hear from their loved ones in Spirit, along-side so many other gifted Mediums on the Summit.

One great blessings of this Summit is, it’s no coincidence that they put a few of the near-death experience Mediums interviews close to each other.  You have probably heard of Michelle Whitedove, who is a well-known Medium featured in many interviews, programs, and the HBO documentary, No One Dies in Lily Dale.  To hear more on Michelle’s near-death experience, after which she feels she has a contract, or mission, to do this Mediumship work now — just click the link below and that pre-Summit show is on the Home page to hear.  I can relate to much of what Michelle shares about this post near-death experience life contract to be a Medium and help people…as I’ve also come back from the brink of death at an early age.  It’s no coincidence that our Summit interviews aired close to each other!

Most impressive about this Summit — among many things — is the amazingly professional and thought-provoking questions the hosts ask of the Mediums interviewed.  I was astonished at the time and care they took to prepare for interviewing each Psychic Medium.  Frankly, their questions were so good that I still have to chuckle how many times I was taken aback by excellent questions by saying “That is such a great question…” then going on to answer it.  Feel free to listen in, and don’t forget to get the free bonus gifts, too.  My FREE offering is a 20-minute Guided Meditation on “Meeting Your Spirit Guide”.  Use it for that purpose, or simply to deeply relax your body, or help you sleep…however it best works for you.

For more on the World Visionary Summit of 20+ of the world’s most respected psychic mediums as they share their stories, how they connect with the Other Side, and much more, just check out this link