“Family Services”

“Family Services”

With some changes I made to what I do weekdays for work earlier this year, I thought, OK I really need to update my LinkedIn job profile to fit more of what I am doing.  So, I did…but found it hard to summarize what I am up to from the “drop down” menu list of choices.  I updated my profile in terms of dates at a prior job, but thought, I’ll have to go back and update this more after I come up with the best summary phrase.

I had to laugh at how quickly one can get immediate feedback (from an unexpected source) when thinking about something like this.  As I picked up some mail at my P.O. Box, I had to marvel at what one client wrote — after a session we had — in the check “MEMO” space to denote what the check was written for.  It simply said:


I chuckled inwardly.  Just this morning I was wondering how to summarize what I was doing for people now, through my readings and other services.  This helped me realized that some people view what I do as connecting them with Family.  Hmm…it was a new way to think about what I was doing for people…my beloved clients.  Family Services.

To the woman who wrote this on her check (you know who you are), I send a sincere thank you (or Mahalo, as they say on Maui).  Your Memo helped me see what I do in a new light.

Namaste, dear Ones.