To get me (even more) excited about hearing positive news from Lisa on May 11, I thought I’d really like to have a party to celebrate and thank my friends for their support if the news I heard from Lisa was positive.  I started thinking this right after I got back on April 30th.  I was still working with the Law of Attraction to try and do things that would help create a positive outcome. I’d practiced as hard as I could with clients before the weekend, then did the very best job I could muster amidst tons of nerves that weekend we were tested.

Now, the only thing I could do to help was plan a Celebration that I’d really enjoy having (if I heard the news I’d hoped for).So, I looked at the calendar and other plans I had the weeks after May 11. I decided – if I hear good news from Lisa Williams on May 11 – I think I’m going to have the party as soon after as possible…instead of waiting until the next weekend I could have it (which would’ve been five weeks later).

When I did get the good news from Lisa about having made it onto her Preferred Readers List, I immediately invited a small group of loyal supporters (as only a tiny group would fit inside my humble home).  I had a guest list of more than 100 people to start off with, then quickly realized only a fraction of those folks would fit inside my place…so had to just invite my mediumship colleagues and very close loved ones and friends.  That was a bummer, as I would have loved to invite whomever I wanted!

OK, I am a bit embarrassed to say that I have not had a party in about 10 years…a “real” party, that is.  Yes, I’ve had dinner parties, and friends over for movie nights, and things like that, but I hadn’t had a real party in ages.  There is so much to do…and I only have seven days to do it.  Here we go!