Celebrate Your Accomplishments… No Matter How Large or Small

Celebrate Your Accomplishments… No Matter How Large or Small

I just had my party this afternoon into the early evening and I’m so glad I did!  My intent was to thank my dear friends who supported me, listened to me, and practiced with me to prepare for the Lisa Williams Advanced Mediumship course.  I also think it’s important to “mark” huge turning points in your life with gratitude.  A party to me is like the exclamation point on what was a very long sentence for me this Spring.  I wanted to be sure to be grateful for the opportunity to attend this course to improve my skills as a Medium, and for my dear friends who were amazing to me along my journey leading up to it.  I also wanted to be thankful and celebrate the outcome of my efforts.

I have the kind of personality (or mind) where, soon after an event happens, it’s kind of “gone” from my memory.  Almost like feeling, “Did that really happen?”  For example, if I’m lucky enough to go on a cool vacation, after I’m home for a few days, it’s kind of just “gone”. I should say it this way…I cannot easily recall the experiences or pictures in my mind from the trip (I have to look at photos to kind of get back into it).  I don’t like this, but it’s just the way my mind works at this time (I hope I can change this!).  So, photos and others recalling fun times from the trip really help me remember it really did happen.  Strange?  Perhaps, but that’s what happens for me.  I envy friends who can be ‘living the Aloha’ for weeks and months after a cool vacation.

So, guess what?  Not long after my call with Lisa Williams…I think it had been a few days, and I started to wonder, “Did that really happen?”  “Am I really on that Preferred Readers List?”  It’s probably shock in this case, and trying to integrate the new information.  Why am I sharing this?  I’m telling you this because if anybody really needed to have a party to anchor this new outcome in my life…it was me.  My sister said something to me like, ‘Oh, don’t go to the trouble to have a party…just go out with (my partner) for a nice dinner.’  I appreciated her sentiment, as parties are a lot of work, but knew that if anyone really needed a party, it was me.

I had a lot of fun today at my party with friends and loved ones!  I’d picked celebratory music for the event (more than seven hours of it…but had whittled out the “bummer” songs so it was just four hours of totally fun, celebration music).  And, my friends joked that I had enough food for an army of people.

It was a very hot day, and the sun was shining.  I am so grateful I got to see my friends, smile with them, raise a glass to “clink”, and talk with them!  I didn’t expect so many of them needing the explanation on what the heck I had just been through and what it really meant, so I spent a lot of the party explaining to people the course and what came next.  My voice is a little hoarse now from laughing, talking, and singing with people as we milled around and had some fun together.  I even did a few happy dances to the music as I zoomed around to take pictures of my friends.  Some people zipped out on my deck to try to watch the solar eclipse that was happening near the end of the party (through protective eye wear, of course).  I was delighted my friend and colleague, Felix, could join me too, as he’d been a great Development Circle teacher of mine from 2005-2009, and now I cherish our ongoing friendship.  It was so great to see my friends and thank them in person.  They were troopers…being there on just one week’s notice, too.  I am so grateful for them!

Now, when I don’t believe this whole experience really happened, I have the ‘evidence’ to prove it!  I’m just joking, but it really helps me know this Lisa Williams Certification happened, as I think back on my living room filled with dear friends and music wafting through the air and off my deck into the beautiful Marin Country trees and greenery.  I am such a lucky woman.  I felt like I’d just used up my fifteen minutes of elation in this last week.  I know that’s supposed to be “fifteen minutes of fame”, but this was not fame…nor was I seeking that.  My fifteen minutes of ‘over-the-top’ experiences had just occurred between Lisa Williams saying “Hello” in her wonderful accent on that May 11 phone call and through this party.  Ahh.  I am a Happy Medium (pardon the pun).  I am so very humbled and grateful!