See what a few of Kay Fahlstrom’s clients are saying about her readings (below).  If you would like to send a testimonial after your reading, please use the “Contact” page.  Thank you.

“Kay, You are wonderful!  I am so blessed to have been able to speak with you the other night. You are truly such a beautiful person.  What you do is amazing!  Thank you for taking the time to help me communicate with my loved ones.  You are such a kind soul.  I was just walking on sunshine the whole evening after our conversation. You are such a gift.”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Julie, Southern California


“Kay’s mediumship session provided me with an opportunity to give and receive important communications and reach a very peaceful, calm state of closure and contentment. Kay’s warmth, intelligence and expertise provided a very nurturing and safe place to experience this empowering work.”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Sara, MFT, Northern California


“Kay, Thank you very much for your reading last week.  I feel a very powerful, positive impact from our session.  I truly appreciated hearing about the spiritual support I have, and I was really hit hard by the accuracy that you delivered overall.   For example, you mentioned my grandpa in spirit (that you knew I was named after, and that it was my father’s father) was urging me to just-get-through this tough time ‘because we always do’ (which is true).  And you told me he had chest issues. That is very true — he had 11 heart attacks during his life!  I feel a sense of extreme clarity and purpose after our call in both my professional and personal lives.  I certainly feel blessed to have met with you.  Thank you for your incredible expertise and talent, and working with me.  Thank you sincerely again!  You are amazing.”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Ted, Central California


“Kay, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the reading on Friday!  It was a really special and great experience.  I’ve been thinking about the reading a lot over the past few days, and have really gotten a lot out of it.  Thanks again so much!”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Lynne, Northern California


“Hello Kay,  Your reading was really helpful!  I feel I am getting a better understanding of this other dimension.  The more I think about what you communicated from him reassures me that he really is out there.  Thanks again!   P.S.  I really understand why you suggest people wait 3 to 6 months after someone passes to get a reading.  I can tell my emotions are still so tied into everything related to him.”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Lele, Northern California


“I recently enjoyed a reading with Kay Fahlstrom that included messages from both my parents and paternal grandparents. Not only was it a moving, exhilarating and fun experience, but I also was amazed with the detail in Kay’s reading with regards to both information she brought through as well as the exact personalities of my family members! Kay brought through a message from my Father that no one could possibly know. Kay accurately described a valuable momento box (that he left me–a music box) even down to the size of it! She asked my Mother for evidential pieces of information, so I would really know it was Mom speaking through Kay. Kay brought through clear pieces of information from my Mom that convinced me it was really her: her description of a specific situation with my sister, and the kind of dresses she wore around the house. This was all information that there was no way for Kay to know. I highly recommend a reading from Kay! She brings through a wonderful combination of information from your own Spirit Guides, psychic pieces about your current life, as well as messages from your loved ones or friends that have crossed over. I am looking forward to my next reading with Kay!”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Heidi, Northern California


“Wow.  Kay read me like a book.  Within just a few minutes she was able to tell me specifics about my life, my loves, my interests and more…in a gentle, compassionate and honest way.  She’s authentic, to the point and real.  If you want to understand more about yourself to help you get to a better place — get a reading from Kay.  She’s truly amazing with a talented gift to offer you.”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Nancy Hayssen (Author of “Sexy at Any Size”), California


“I found your reading most helpful and encouraging.  And, you certainly got the names right!  Thanks for your caring and insightful work.  Thanks again!”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Marinda, California


“I always wondered what it would be like to receive messages from the spirit world.  Without knowing anything about me first, Kay relayed words and quotes from relatives and my Mother, which helped me find closure after her passing.  Now I know there is more than life on earth.”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Dale, Marin, California


“Kay, THANK YOU SO MUCH for an amazing, inspiring, enlightening reading!  I have taken it all to heart and am very grateful for your gift and willingness to share it with others.  It truly is a life-altering event for me.  The information, tools, suggestions, and inspiration you gave me are invaluable!”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Susan, California


“I have had the good fortune of receiving several wonderful psychic-medium readings from Kay over the last few years. Her kindness, warmth and understanding are so reassuring — and the contact through Kay I’ve had with my Mom has helped me to heal from that loss which was difficult for me. I’m grateful to Kay for that and look forward to more readings from her in the future.”

quote mark for quotation attribution – A.E., California


“I was definitely pleased with my reading from Kay and felt great the rest of the day. It was so good to have confirmation about my life from my parents (in Spirit).  I also was very relaxed during the reading. I never felt uncomfortable with anything Kay said to me.”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Judy, Marin California


“I really felt that you were prepared for my reading and that you made yourself available if I had any questions or concerns before, during, and after my reading. You created a professional and safe environment and as a ‘newbie’ to all of this, that made a world of difference. Thank you again for making my reading such a positive and satisfying one”.

quote mark for quotation attribution– Stacey, Oakland, California


“I trust Kay as a person, since it’s clear her intention is to support the very best of who I am.  And the clarity and wisdom that came through in the work was spot on.  Yes…I would highly recommend her to any of my friends.”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Tina, Marin County, California


Kay only asks for a person’s full name prior to a reading in order to connect during meditation just prior to the reading.  “I met with Kay on a Saturday in January…on a date close to my birthday.  She had gotten some very basic information from me prior to our meeting and when we started our session, she came with some very personal feedback from family members she had connected with.  The information was familiar and close and the one thing that struck me after our session was how Kay was inclusive of my entire family including our collie dog, Knight.  Kay was open and loving and very much in touch with people that were closest to me growing up.  I highly recommend Kay on her journey of spiritual sharing!”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Paula, Marin County, California


“Hi Kay, I’m writing to thank you for bringing through my mother on Tuesday. Since then, I’ve been more aware of her energy around me in a very positive way!  Pleasant memories (there were some) are coming to me “out of the blue”, and I even found myself buying a whisk broom yesterday, just like the one she always used.  Best of all is the new feeling of affection, peacefulness, and support I feel from her now.  I hope you realize how much you are lifting us all up through sharing your gifts.”

quote mark for quotation attribution– Rose, San Francisco Bay Area, California


“The reading I had with Kay helped me.  I didn’t give Kay ANY information as I wanted to see what she would be able to pick up from me over the phone.  She picked up many signs that did fit.  Kay has a very calming effect when she speaks with you, so I was totally comfortable from the very beginning of my reading.  I will recommend her to my friends and family.  Thank you, Kay!”

quote mark for quotation attribution–  Keith, Oxnard, California