Kay’s Training

Kay Fahlstrom was recently Certified (that is, thoroughly tested, trained, and approved) by world-renown Medium Lisa Williams.  Kay is deeply humbled and honored by this as more than 200 people applied to Lisa’s Advanced Mediumship course, 44 were accepted, and just 27 were Certified after the five-week course that culminated in a Friday through Sunday in-person training weekend that was very extensive and filled with tests on different Mediumship skills (for example, reading — from those in Spirit — for an individual in the course, reading two different members of the general public in the Los Angeles area, and reading in front of an audience of people to bring messages through from Spirit loved ones — this is called Platform Mediumship.  Lisa’s feedback on Kay’s reading in front of the audience included that Kay did a great job as this reading had factual information in it that was confirmed by the client in the audience.  Lisa said she was “very impressed” by Kay’s Platform reading message.  Kay was delighted to hear this as Lisa Williams is one of the best Platform Mediums in the world today, and is often listed in the ‘Top Ten psychic mediums in the world’ type of lists.

OTHER TRAINING    Kay has also trained with other world-renown psychic mediums such as James Van Praagh (detailed below).  Kay enjoyed taking two other wonderful and detailed courses with Medium Lisa Williams.  Kay was honored to be hand-picked as one of only 75 attendees (from more than 500 applicants) for Lisa Williams’ “Deepen Your Connection with Spirit:  Intensive Mediumship Workshop” held in Dallas, Texas in November 2010.  Kay also attended Lisa Williams’ “Mediumship Workshop” in Santa Monica, California in October 2009. Each course Kay has taken with Lisa is progressively more detailed, thorough, difficult — yet completely rewarding!  Kay is thrilled to have mastered the content of each course to bring the skills through for her daily clients wanting to hear from loved ones in Spirit.

Kay attended a workshop on increasing psychic and mediumship abilities with the world-renowned James Van Praagh, and enjoyed receiving a message directly from Mr. Van Praagh near the end of that day. (Ironically, the message was from Kay’s beloved family dog, Brandy, conveying “Thank you for being my healer…”along with other evidential messages about Brandy’s health.  All this came through when Kay was hoping to hear from her Father…which is a little humorous! Yes, pets can – and do – come through in readings. Also — as you can see in this example — the spirits seem to decide who comes through…not the person receiving the reading.

Both psychic mediums Lisa Williams and James Van Praagh tour internationally, have had (or currently have) television programs which showcase their amazing abilities, and they have published several excellent books.  Lisa Williams also has a weekly BlogTalkRadio program that you can attend via the Internet (see lisawilliams.com for more information on dates and times).

Kay has also studied extensively with excellent local San Francisco Bay Area psychic mediums and has read extensively on developing intuition, psychic ability, and mediumship.  Kay continues to read voraciously on these topics, and offers you her “Book Pick of the Month” near the bottom of her Home page on this Web site.  Come back often to see the new pick and read along.  Some months may feature more than one “pick” so you may want to come back more often to see if there are two picks for that month.  Why does Kay do this?  People tell Kay, over and over again, how fascinated they are about the topics of mediumship, near-death experiences, psychic phenomena, visitations from loved ones in Spirit, and more!  Kay has read many books on these subjects, so she would enjoy helping you weed through all of them to find the ones she feels are better.  Happy reading!

Public Message Experience — Workshops & Classes Offered

Kay has given messages (or public mini-readings to randomly selected individuals in attendance) in several venues.  Kay gave messages – from spirits to loved ones — in historic Lily Dale NY to audiences of more than 300; Lily Dale is a unique town of mediums where messages have been given from spirits since 1898...that’s 114 years  (see lilydaleassembly.com for more information).  Kay also regularly gives FREE public messages at the San Francisco, CA Spiritualist Church called, “Celebrate Life” on selected Wednesday evenings and Sundays midday.

Kay was honored to give messages along with psychic medium Felix Lee Lerma at his Group Reading Event to a group of approximately 75 people.

Kay has taught a workshop on Intuition entitled “Beyond the Brain” for a Northern California Public Library.  Kay teaches ongoing fun and helpful ongoing classes on Intuition, Psychic Skills and Mediumship in Marin County, California — a great passion of hers!  She also gives workshops in selected cities (please use the Contact form if you are interested in having Kay give readings or offer a workshop in your city, or have interest in her ongoing classes).  Kay plans to offer classes and workshops in San Jose CA (in the Silicon Valley area) so please use the Contact page if you are interested and include days of the week and time ranges where you could attend such a fun and interesting course.  People really enjoy taking these courses and spontaneously email and call with feedback about how it’s improved their lives.