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Get your personalized, signed copy of Kay’s new book, REBORN A MEDIUM ($19.99 incl. shipping in USA…call for ordering details, 415-420-4994).  Or, ORDER YOUR COPY today on the BOOK A SESSION page form (choose last item on drop down menu).  The reviews are extremely positive and readers LOVE the chapter on how to work with your Spirit Guides to manifest what YOU want (even if you don’t believe in them), the Intuition Quiz, and entertaining stories on her near-death and becoming a medium!

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Kay’s a Certified Spiritual Advisor!

Kay Fahlstrom is a Certified Spiritual Advisor of the Lisa Williams School of International Spiritual Development.  Lisa Williams is a world-renown medium, who thoroughly trained and tested a select group in her spring 2012 Advanced Mediumship course.  Of this hand-picked group, a smaller group were granted the designation of Certified Spiritual Advisor after being tested on their mediumship readings.  Kay is humbled by this designation and happy to be of service for you.  This was Kay’s 3rd course (of increasing difficulty) with Lisa Williams, and Kay took a 4th Lisa Williams course in October 2012 on Platform Mediumship. Kay was honored to be 1 of 8 mediums chosen to give messages to a live audience there.

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South Bay Readings or Coaching Available!

You can now schedule a reading with Kay to hear either about your life — or to hear from a loved one in Spirit — or both, in the San Jose Bay Area.  Kay now gives readings near Cupertino (on Mondays & Fridays), so for fastest scheduling, please call 415-420-4994.  Or, please use the BOOK A SESSION page form to schedule.  Also, check out her book REBORN A MEDIUM to learn more about manifesting more of what YOU want, and to hear about her near-death experience (get a copy using the BOOK A SESSION page…choose final item on drop down menu…or order on www.amazon.com today). See you soon!

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