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Get your signed copy of Kay’s book, REBORN A MEDIUM ($19.99 incl. shipping in USA…call 415-420-4994 to order, or choose last item on BOOK A SESSION page form drop down menu).  The reviews are extremely positive and readers LOVE the chapter on how to work with your Spirit Guides to manifest what YOU want, the Intuition Quiz, and entertaining stories on dying, returning, then becoming a medium!

Plus, sign up for both of Kay’s FREE newsletters.   The mailed newsletter includes in-depth articles about recent readings and important updates;  with the e-mailed one having new tips and current events offered.  For now, check out these pages for more info:  “About Kay”,  “My Story”, “Book A Session” and the “Readings & Services” pages.  Thank you.

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Kay’s a Certified Spiritual Advisor!

Kay Fahlstrom is a Certified Spiritual Advisor of the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.  Lisa Williams is a world-renown medium, who thoroughly trained and tested a select group in her Advanced Mediumship course.  Of this hand-picked group, a smaller group were granted the designation of Certified Spiritual Advisor after being tested on their mediumship readings.  Kay is humbled by this and happy to be of service for you.  This was Kay’s 3rd course (of increasing difficulty) with Lisa Williams, and Kay took a 4th Lisa Williams course on Platform Mediumship. Kay was honored to be 1 of 8 mediums chosen to give messages to a live audience there.

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Please VOTE for Sunday dates in June/July you’d like these classes using the CONTACT form.  I’ll set dates soon to develop your helpful Intuition, Psychic, & Mediumship Skills (& new class on MANIFESTING; & boundaries)!  Sundays in San Rafael, CA.  Call Kay today to learn more at 415-420-4994 today (to get on list for email invites).

Sunday, JUNE date tbd, 1-5pm.  Beginner Overview of Intuition & Psychic Skills (with Intro. to Mediumship). In San Rafael CA. Call today to get on email list for date 415-420-4994 with your name, phone, & email. Thank you.

Sunday, JULY date tbd, 1-5pm Intermediate Psychic Skills and Developing Mediumship Skills (connecting with loved ones in Spirit).  FOR EITHER CLASS, call Kay for fastest scheduling — and a short call so Kay can talk with you for just a few minutes — at 415-420-4994.

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Hi, We all have (at least) a Master Spirit Guide.  Check out how they came through in a reading for a woman I just ran into again.  I popped into a salon to say hello to a wonderful client of mine who’s come for both in-person readings and one of...

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From Zoe: “I booked a reading with Kay to get direction. After Kay’s reading with me, my life just went from 0-60 m.p.h. so quickly! “Kay, THANK YOU! I was very stuck about my unemployment and you just pulled me right out of it. I am truly grateful. Early in...

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